Jun 08, 2013

Yesterday the Alpharetta and Milton areas were rocked by yet another severe wind storm which caused hundreds of trees to fail.  11 Alive News interviewed, Atlanta tree removal firm, 404-CUT-TREE’s Bob Delbridge to get his perspective on whether the government tree removal permits process can be an obstacle in homeowners removing dangerous trees.  The TV show presented a homeowner who had a tree removal permit denied, only to have that same tree fall yesterday.  The ordinances generally allow dead, dying or hazardous trees to be removed; however, the term hazardous can be subjective. The woman with the tree on her home had an arborist reccomend removal of the tree which fell, but the city did not agree with the arborist’s opinion, and the homeowner suffered the consequences of a large tree falling on her home. To watch the 11 Alive News segment, click here: Downed trees still an issue for Sandy Springs residents