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Dunwoody Arborist

An arborist is a highly-trained professional who dedicates their career to deeply understanding the biology, health and maintenance of trees and their environment. Certified Arborists must go through a rigorous study and training process that involves passing a national exam administered by the International Society of Arboriculture (or the ISA) as well as three years of working with trees in the field. Maintaining certification requires continuing education as well, to ensure that the arborist remains up to date on the latest scientific studies and industry information. 404-CUT-TREE is proud to have Arborists on staff who can provide tree care advice and assistance for our customers. If you are looking for a professional Arborist in Dunwoody, Georgia, give us a call today at 404-CUT-TREE. We would be happy to help schedule an appointment with a friendly, reliable Dunwoody Arborist.

Common Reasons for a Tree’s Declining Health

Just like any living creature, otherwise healthy trees sometimes experience illness. Though homeowners can detect some of the symptoms, it can be very difficult for an inexperienced person to pinpoint the exact source of the problem. The truth is that just as with human illness, there can be many underlying causes. It’s important to get at the root of the issue, so your tree can begin the healing process and be available for your family to enjoy for decades to come. A certified Dunwoody Arborist can conduct tests and find out if any of these common reasons are the source of your beloved tree’s affliction. Let our trained professionals put their tools and knowledge to work to find the perfect solution for you.

  • Too Much or Too Little Water
  • Overcrowding from Nearby Trees, Plants, or Buildings
  • Incorrect Pruning
  • Physical Injury to Roots or Trunk
  • Insect or Pest Infestation
  • Fungal or Bacterial Infections
  • Nutritional Imbalance in Surrounding Soil
  • Problems from Transplanting
  • Storm or Wind Damage

Arborist in Dunwoody

How Can Certified Arborists Help?

Are you wondering how a certified Arborist can help your family, business, or organization? Arborists have a lot of knowledge about the health of tree’s. From planting saplings to removal after a tree’s death, the Arborists at 404-CUT-TREE are here to help every step of the way. Our certified Arborists have the tools and techniques required to help find solutions for all stages of tree care. Call 404-CUT-TREE today to find an Arborist in Dunwoody who will work hard to help your trees grow healthy and beautifully.

  • Professional Consultations
  • Tree Inspections
  • Tree Management Plans
  • Soil Testing
  • Risk Assessment
  • Tree Preservation
  • Pruning and Trimming
  • Planting and Tree Care Advice
  • Tree Selection
  • Tree Removal Assistance
  • Fertilization
  • Identification
  • Transplanting
  • And More

Schedule an Appointment with a Professional Dunwoody Arborist at 404-CUT-TREE

Does your family, business or organization need help from an expert Arborist in Dunwoody, GA? If so, contact 404-CUT-TREE today to find out how our certified arborists can help you. Our customer service team is available to answer any questions you have and can also help set up an appointment with one of our experienced, professional Arborists.

Reviews for Dunwoody, GA

Cynthia Johnson – Dunwoody, GA Overall Experience 5 / 5

We chose 404-Cut Tree because we wanted to save our large and beautiful, but sick, red oak. It is 35 years old and needed all the dead limbs carefully removed so that the new and healthy limbs could grow. The tree crew was careful and cut only the dead wood. They did not use shoe spikes to climb the tree, something they say they do not do. I have learned most companies do and have been told that a living tree should never be spiked. We also had other trees trimmed and a large dead tree removed. They were efficient and timely. They removed every stick left on our yard ! I would surely use this company again and will recommend it to my neighbors.