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Marietta Arborist

Here at 404-CUT-TREE, we are proud to have four excellent Marietta certified arborists on staff. Our arborists offer examinations, advice and treatment services for every issue that affects the health of your trees. You can consult an arborist to discuss your trees’ current and past health, best practices for seasonal care, ideal timing for tree trimming and fertilizing, and any symptoms or signs that your trees might be unhealthy, unsound, wounded or under stress. We serve much of the northern metro Atlanta area, including East Cobb in Marietta.

Arborists and Tree Health

A tree that is experiencing stress is much more vulnerable to infections and slower to heal than a tree that is not under stress from its climate, soil, animal and human activities and other elements of its surroundings. There are a handful of very common issues that certified arborists in Marietta find at the root of tree stress. Two of the most common are problems with watering and crowding. A tree may either be receiving too little water to maintain its normal functions, or so much water that its roots are flooded and unable to work normally. A crowded tree is restricted by other trees and plants or by buildings and structures that restrict its ability to grow and block some or all of its access to sunlight and soil nutrients. It is also common for trees to suffer from physical injuries, either above the ground and visible or below ground, where you may not notice the problem. Some trees have been incorrectly planted, and some trees have been pruned in useless or injurious ways or at bad times. Trees may also be stressed by changes or problems with the condition of the soil in which they grow.

A stressed tree will display any number of symptoms of its poor health. Many of these symptoms relate to its appearance, such as discolored leaves, unusual or restricted growth, or seeping fluids. Stressed trees will also be much more likely to become infested with insects and other parasites or to develop bacterial, fungal, or other infections.

So What Is An Arborist?

Arborists are trained and (in many cases) certified professionals who study and manage the healthcare of trees; they are distinct from most forestry professionals in that they deal with individual trees, not whole ecosystems full of them. Our arborists are integrated into 404-CUT-TREE’s team of expert providers of tree services, who serve Marietta, East Cobb and beyond. They assess your trees’ health, offer advice and prescribe treatments in order to address particular issues of your trees’ well-being.

A Marietta certified arborist is required to have accumulated at least three years of experience, as well as to have passed a national exam designed and administered by the International Society of Arboriculture (the ISA). These qualifications ensure that certified arborists have attained high standards of education and high levels of knowledge about tree care as a science and a profession, as well as to make sure that arborists continue their education and keep abreast of modern techniques and knowledge in the field.  There are several ways to locate a certified arborist in Marietta.  First search the ISA web site and click on ‘Find an Arborist.’ You can also search the GA Arborist web site: Click ‘Member Directory.’ (You can also contact us and we’ll arrange to send out one of our sales arborists including four certified arborists!)

What We Do

When a Marietta certified arborist from 404-CUT-TREE is called to look at your tree, he (or she!) will arrive with tools and knowledge to examine and treat your tree’s health issues. In addition to a visual examination of the tree, the arborist may take samples of the tree’s leaves and the surrounding soil to bring back to the lab in order to form a more in-depth picture of the state of the tree. Once the symptoms and causes have been identified, our certified arborists in Marietta are equipped with treatments and solutions, including fertilizers, insecticides, soil decompaction devices, decay measuring instruments and more. Some of these treatments help to get rid of parasites and predators and others are meant to help the general health and well-being of the tree so that the tree is better able to fight infections and insects on its own. Regardless, you will have access to expert advice on Marietta tree care.

We are proud to have been providing tree care services of the highest quality since 1999. Whether you’d like to schedule a routine seasonal or yearly health check or an examination of a potential health problem in your tree, schedule an expert evaluation at 404-CUT-TREE today.