Feb 13, 2016

All of our Atlanta tree services begin with a visit by an employee, usually a Sales Arborist, who looks at the work you have in mind, offers opinions and makes recommendations (if you so desire), and finally prepares a written estimate for a defined scope of work. We take pride in our low key approach to this process. We don’t press for a commitment; we leave you with a written estimate. We think people would much rather buy than be sold.

After you have agreed to the estimate (by a call or email to the office, or by telling the employee), you will be called by our scheduler. Work is prioritized by your degree of urgency, and we categorize the job as normal, ‘move-up’ or emergency. Our normal backlog is several weeks, and if this is acceptable to you, the scheduler will give you a proposed date. We’re pretty careful about honoring our commitments and generally show up on the day and time provided. Of course, we’re subject to the whims of weather and equipment. Some tree trimming and tree removal jobs are unsafe to perform in below-freezing temperatures, in high wind, or when wet. And although we don’t know of another Atlanta tree service which maintains as much back-up equipment as we do, we occasionally are victims of equipment failure. Whatever the reason for a reschedule, we save Friday of every week for work which has been delayed (or if necessary, Saturday.)

If a job is categorized by the Sales Arborist as a ‘move-up,’ we try to do that job that week. An example of move-up is tree trimming which is holding up other essential work, like a roof repair.

Everyone can relate to an emergency job. We always attempt to perform emergency work that day or the next day; if necessary, we contact another customer with normal tree trimming or tree pruning work scheduled for that time and ask them to step aside for the emergency job. In this case, that person’s tree service Atlanta appointment will normally move to Friday. Most customers who are able to postpone their job want to help someone in trouble, and they know that they might someday need the same courtesy from others.

Finally, we honor our estimates. Unless the scope of work changes–and this is a change only you can make–we do exactly the work which is proposed and bill you exactly what we’ve quoted for your Atlanta tree service. Even if we’ve made a mistake. We’ve thought about renaming our estimates “exacts” for that reason. We will never alter or expand your tree removal or tree trimming work without discussing the reasons with you first; even if we find evidence of other problems with your tree, we’ll bring it to you and let you decide how and when to address it.

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