Mar 22, 2014
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Right: Tree Branches from Fallen Tree Pierce Roof

This Peachtree Corners homeowner had a rude awakening recently when a pine tree snapped in a wind storm and landed on his roof.  Some of the branches went right through the roof and into the home itself.  The tree did structural damage to the roof as well as damaging a brand new gutter guard installation.  Although removing the tree took all day and required fairly challenging rigging, it probably represents the smallest part of the overall $25,000 claim.  We showed the homeowner the defect where the tree broke — a fairly common trunk canker.  He shouldn’t feel bad as the overwhelming majority of homeowners don’t know anything about pine cankers.

A free inspection could have spotted this defect. A preemptive tree removal probably would have cost about half the cost of the removal from the roof, and could have saved a $25K insurance claim, not to mention the risk of life and aggravation of putting the home back in order.  We estimate 3/4 of all storm damage could have been avoided by removing defective trees beforehand.  The moral: PLEASE INSPECT THE TREES WHICH COULD REACH YOUR HOME IF THEY FALL.

If in doubt, however, give us a call. As Atlanta tree removal specialists, we’re happy to offer guidance and pricing estimates, regardless of the type of tree work required. We provide Atlanta tree service to the greater metro area, Marietta, Alpharetta, Dunwoody, Sandy Springs, Decatur, and Roswell, and we are well-known for our committment to safe, high-quality, informative service.