Aug 31, 2018

Do you love decorating for the holidays? Why wait until the snow starts to fall to create a paradise worthy of the North Pole? Create an evergreen oasis in your yard and you’ll have beautiful landscaping no matter what time of year it is. At 404-CUT-TREE, we provide tree care and professional arborist services in Atlanta, Sandy Springs, Decatur, Marietta, Milton, Tucker, Doraville, Brookhaven, Johns Creek, Dunwoody, Georgia, and other nearby neighborhoods. If you want to have a winter wonderland this November and December, here are a few fast-growing evergreen tree varieties you can start planting now.

Leyland Cypress

The Leyland Cypress is a coniferous tree that grows tall and hardy even under relatively poor conditions. This tree gets its name from its origin as the accidental offspring of Monterey and Nootka Cypress varieties that were planted near one another on the property of John Leyland of Liverpool in 1847. Almost all Leyland Cypress trees come from cuttings that originated on their estate. They are popular among urban and suburban homeowners because of their high level of pollution tolerance and because of their thick foliage, which can double as a protective screen between homes.


Cryptomeria, also known as Sugi or Japanese Red Cedar, is a large tree that can grow as tall as 230 feet. It is the national tree of Japan and is frequently planted near shrines and temples there. These trees’ needle-shaped leaves are a lush, beautiful green and often contain small spiral shaped pine cones. Crypomeria has extremely fragrant wood with spectacular grain, and cut branches or limbs make excellent firewood for staying warm on chilly nights.

Austrian Pine

The Austrian Pine is a durable, drought-hardy evergreen that can flourish in almost any conditions. They have an extremely high tolerance for smog and air pollution, poor or nutrient depleted soil, and heavy clay soil. They typically grow 40 to 60 feet high and provide excellent protection from harsh winter winds. When small, they make great Christmas trees, and they will mature into large trees that can easily hold the weight of snow, ice, and sleet.

Oak Leaf Holly 

Nothing says winter wonderland like the sight of a holly tree with pretty red berries peeking through the landscape. The Oak Leaf Holly’s versatility and ease of maintenance makes this variety a popular choice for hedges, but they can be cultivated to maintain their pyramidal tree shape as well.

American Boxwood

These small, fast-growing trees are another popular option for hedges and privacy screens. Though they can be grown to heights of 10 to 12 feet, they can be kept short as well, providing a variety of landscaping design options. They make great topiaries and patio plants that will offer brilliant green foliage well into the heart of the holiday season, withstanding temperatures up to -10 degrees Fahrenheit.

Southern Magnolia 

Nothing says Christmas time in Georgia like the sleek green leaves of an evergreen Magnolia. When other trees lie bare and dormant, you’ll have a yard full of lush green leaves, and red-seeded pine cones that perfectly compliment the beauty of winter.

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