Oct 17, 2013

You may be aware that wood chips are a by-product of tree work, and that wood chips make a good mulch. All tree companies generate wood chips in the course of their daily operations. And when their chip trucks fill up, they’re out of business. It’s expensive if they have to dispose of them in a landfill. So they really appreciate it if their customer or a neighbor takes the chips. Our company used to maintain a large database of people who wanted chips and gave away about 1,000 loads of chips per year.

About seven years ago, we purchased a grinder and colorizer and began producing our own colored, commercial grade mulch (please see the photo on the front page of our web site.) This business, Wholesale Wood Products, Inc, dba finestmulch.com has consumed all our wood chips, and we now have over 40 competitors’ trucks dumping their chips on our yard. In fact, we are currently producing about 90,000 cubic yards of wood chips per year. About 1/3 of the chips are dyed and are sold to retail landscape supply companies, landscape contractors and directly to the public. And about 2/3 are shipped to large industrial plants which burn the chips in industrial boilers. So although we still give our tree customers first dibs on the chips we produce on their jobs, we no longer encourage neighbors to take them. Which comes to the point of this article.

There’s a new service in Atlanta, known as Chipero. They provide the free wood chip database idea we previously used intra-company, to the public. Consumers list their addresses with Chipero at no charge, and when tree companies need to dump, they are directed to the nearest person desiring chips. The dump location is previously arranged and the whole process is swift and painless. In fact 404-CUT-TREE uses Chipero ourselves! Though we generally bring two chip trucks to each job, there are times when we fill up prior to the end of the day. Some of our jobs are 20 miles from our base, so saving the transport and labor to truck them back here is better than the profit we’d gain. And we’ve found Chipero to be effective for our own use.

Now when people call us for free chips we refer them to Chipero. Try them! It’s free to sign up: http://www.chipero.com/requests/new.