Sep 12, 2016

GA EPD Declares a Level 1 Drought Response to Increase Awareness of Water Conservation

In light of continuing dry conditions, the Georgia Environmental Protection Division (EPD) announced today that 51 north-Georgia counties are included in a Level 1 Drought Response.  (The entire Atlanta metro area is included.)

The Level 1 Response does not include any further restrictions on outdoor water use.

Instead, the effort will include a heightened public awareness campaign in the 51 counties that are under the Level 1 Response, as a reminder that Georgia`s citizens should continue to practice efficient water usage both inside and outside their homes and businesses.

In all Georgia counties, outdoor water usage in all is still allowed daily, between 4 pm and 10 am to plant, grow, manage and maintain lawns and turf, ground cover, flowers, shrubs, trees and other plants.

Note to 404-CUT-TREE customers: Trees need about one inch of water per week.  If you have a stressed tree, consider watering it before 10:00 am weekly.

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