Jun 03, 2018

How Do Trees Grow Old and Die?

Trees are living things that have a beginning and the end, while every tree has its own lifespan the larger trees are known to last longer. When a larger tree dies it may pose dangers to homeowners aside from looking unsightly. Larger trees that die will become vulnerable to high winds and may even fall on homes during thunderstorms.

Signs to look out for in a tree that dies 

The failure of a tree to bear new leaves perhaps is the first noticeable sign that it is eventually dying. Any tree without some green leaves is probably dying or still growing. A dead tree may have its bark becoming loosened easily while insects may create abode on it. A dying tree can quickly become infested by all manner of pests and bees. Similarly, there will be signs that the wood of the tree is being damaged especially with the appearances of boreholes, and tracks that are created by insects such as beetles. Generally, a tree that bears no leaves under a year should be disposed of as soon as possible.

What you can do to remove a dead tree   

Trying to remove a dead tree by yourself can be a very difficult task, perhaps you should consider professional tree removers such as 404-CUT-TREE. The removal of a dead tree can be quite risky, especially if it is a massive tree and the trunk has started to rot. 404-CUT-TREE offers professionals who can take care of this problem before it turns out worse. Our tree cutting and tree removal services cut across all counties and regions, hence you can count on us to provide a professional job that will not harm your home or the environment in any way.

Tree removal must be done intelligently to prevent the tree from damaging any part of your yard, hence you just have to be patient to allow a professional tree remover to handle this job to avoid complications. Our staffs comprise of efficient landscapers, alongside lumber experts who can swiftly remove all expired trees and dispose of them effectively. Tree removal does not end with the elimination of the dead tree, it involves the removal of the tree along with its root, which means you don’t have to worry about the stumps of the trees clogging up inside your yard and preventing you from using your mower.

You can rely on 404-CUT-TREE for an effective tree removal 

Along with tree removal services, we also provide similar services such as tree care, tree trimming and pruning, to make your landscape look more appealing. Consider how much increase in value you can achieve with the elimination of dead trees from your home surroundings, we advise that you contact 404-CUT-TREE as soon as you notice an unsightly tree around your home and we will complete the job of eliminating such trees without wrecking any havoc on your yard or any other part of your building. Our services are affordable, clean and reliable. because we make use of the most advanced tree removal appliances.