Feb 09, 2017

How to Choose the Right Tree Service Company

Your trees are a very important part of your property. When they are well taken care of, your trees can add substantial beauty to your home’s landscaping. When neglected, they can devalue your property and even put your home and family in danger. Having a quality tree care company is an important part of being a proactive homeowner. When you have a dedicated team of professionals on your side, you’ll always have the best kept trees in the neighborhood. A qualified tree care expert will be there to provide the help you need every step of the way, from planting and maintenance to pruning and tree removal. That’s why it’s important that you find a reliable company that will give you the quality service you deserve. Here are a few of the most important considerations to keep in mind while searching for the best tree service company for you. Tree Service Atlanta

Check Their Credentials

Almost anyone can go to their local hardware store, buy a chainsaw and call themselves a tree service company. However, tree trimming and tree removal can be extremely dangerous. If done improperly, not only can the tree service technician harm themselves, but they could also cause structural damage to your home or nearby vehicles. They can also put you or your loved ones at risk for bodily injury as well. The first thing you should do when finding a new tree service company is to ask about their credentials. Are they licensed? How did they receive their training? Do they have up to date insurance in case something goes wrong?

Do They Belong to a Professional Association?

Ask if they belong to any professional associations specifically for the tree care industry like the International Society of Arboriculture, Tree Care Industry Association, or the Georgia Arborist Association. Having arborists on staff means they have gone the extra mile by working with individuals who are considered experts in the fields of plant biology, tree health and maintenance. If they are not members of any professional associations, then you might ask them why they have chosen not to join one. Professional associations are the primary conduit for continuing education in the tree service business.

Reviews and Testimonials Are Important

Check review sites to see what kinds of experiences others have had when working with the tree service company. Look at their website for testimonials or ask if you can see any pictures of recent jobs. Having some social proof is important when choosing where to invest your money. Always keep in mind that you shouldn’t base your decision entirely on reviews and customer feedback, as some of it may be unjustly biased.

Quality of Customer Service

You will want to have a tree service company that treats you with respect and always puts your needs first. When you call, is the staff helpful and friendly? Do they answer your questions and make an effort to reach out?

Are They Knowledgeable About Local Ordinances?

Every city has different laws and regulations pertaining to tree removal. If you hire a tree service company, they should stay up to date with all the tree ordinances in the cities where they perform services. Be sure to ask them what your city regulations are, if they refuse, then it may be time to find a different service provider. The consequences of non-conformance might be a large fine to the homeowner.

Quality of Work

Ask about their standards for quality work. Do they understand the consequences of making poor trimming cuts? Do they use spikes to climb trees? If they aren’t knowledgeable about these topics, they could harm your trees health.


You don’t want someone to get hurt on your property. What is their safety record? Do they insist on their employees wearing personal protective equipment such as helmets and chainsaw pants? Make sure that they go the extra mile and work to keep their employees safe from harm.


Anytime you hire a service professional it’s important that you make sure the business is covered by Workers’ Compensation. If they aren’t, and an employee gets injured while performing a job at your home or business, you may be leaving yourself vulnerable to a lawsuit.

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