Jul 07, 2018

Importance and Value of Trees

Trees have blessed us with some of the most essential things in life, including the food we eat and the oxygen that we breathe. Trees provide shelter, wooden tools, paper, and medicine. Researchers are continually discovering more benefits we receive from trees. As valuable as they are, trees require constant management. Consult a professional tree manager such as 404-CUT-TREE to help you get the most from the wonderful trees in your landscape.

Trees offer community and social benefits

Trees play important roles in our communities: our parks, streets, gardens, yards, and playgrounds are lined with trees to provide an aesthetically pleasing and protective environment. Our families and friends rely on the shade provided by trees to be able to relax outdoors and enjoy themselves. Trees help reduce the intensity of the sunlight and helps us regulate our body temperatures. Trees provide natural habitats for animals and improve the quality of life for humans.

Trees have environmental and ecological value

Trees improve the quality of the air that we breathe. They are also critical contributors to water conservation, soil conservation, wildlife preservation, and climate amelioration. Trees absorb CO2 during photosynthesis and release the oxygen that we breathe. One tree is capable of meeting the oxygen supply needs of about 20 people annually. Even smaller plants such as shrubs, trees, and turfs help to filter the air that we breathe by absorbing pollutants such as carbon monoxide and dust.

In addition, trees help moderate the effect of sunlight, wind, and rain. A tree’s leaves absorb most of the sunshine that falls on its area in the summer to cool the environment, and trees planted to form windbreaks protect homes and people from the effects of strong winds. Tree roots hold soil in place and help prevent the topsoil around trees from the effects of erosion.

Many animals eat the leaves, fruits, and flowers of trees for nourishment; others build their nests in or under trees.

Trees improve economic and property values 

When trees and shrubs are well-maintained on the landscape around a property, they contribute meaningfully to the value of that property. Trees can provide real economic benefits by reducing energy costs. Homes with shade trees, for instance, can reduce homeowners’ reliance on cooling systems because the shade will keep the building cooler, especially during the hot summer months. Experts calculate that well-arranged trees around a property can reduce cooling costs by as much as 20-30%.

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Some experts suggest that homes with proper landscaping can increase in value by as much as 6-7%, so consider expert tree management services an investment that will bring you higher returns on your home. Contact our team of certified arborists and Atlanta area tree care specialists at 404-CUT-TREE today to discuss what we can do for your yard and your trees.