Jul 14, 2018

People enjoy trees for many reasons. Some like standing under the shade of a Southern Oak during hot summer months. Other’s love the sight of blooming Magnolia flowers in their front yard. However, the relationship that humanity and nature itself has with trees goes back to the beginning of our existence. And the planet itself is dependent on trees for the cleansing of its air and the production of fresh oxygen. At 404-CUT-TREE, we proudly provide tree services in Atlanta, Suwanee, Buckhead, Roswell, College Park, Stone Mountain and other nearby communities. Our passion for tree care goes beyond expectation, and we enjoy sharing our desire for healthy trees with our clients. Here’s a short list of just a few fun facts about trees and the miraculous role they play in our world.

  • The oldest living organism on the earth is a 5,000-year-old Bristlecone Pine found in the White Mountains of California. That means this incredible tree began its life during the Bronze Age – at the same time of the construction of Stonehenge and the Sumerian developed of cuneiform writing.
  • In an urban environment, tree’s only have an average life expectancy of 8 years.
  • One third of the United States of America is blanketed by forests.
  • In many cases, almost one ton of carbon dioxide can be absorbed by a single tree throughout the course of its life.
  • The water produced in America’s national forests is the source of more than 60 million citizens’ fresh water.
  • Most average sized tree varieties offer $7 worth of environmental benefits per year by reducing pollution and helping to conserving energy.
  • A tree can decrease a building’s need for air conditioning by as much as 30%, which can significantly impact overall energy consumption for home and business owners.
  • Beautifully manicured trees can improve the real estate value of a property up to 14%.
  • Fully grown trees can cleanse the air of nearly 70 times more pollution than a young, newly planted sapling.
  • One mature tree can produce around 250 pounds of oxygen annually.
  • The average US citizen uses over 700 pounds of paper yearly, and most homes are constructed using wood timber frames. This equates to a 100-foot-tall tree each year to supply their paper and wood usage.
  • The United States has more than 247 billion trees with a diameter over 1 inch.
  • Northern California’s Redwood National Park is home to the countries tallest tree, a Sequoia which is 369 feet tall and more than 2,000 years old.

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