Permit Required:

Hardwood and softwood trees, except for pine species with a minimum DBH of 24 inches for a tree in the large height class, 18 inches for a tree in the medium height class, and a minimum DBH of 8 inches for a tree in the small height class; Pine trees (Pinus spp.) with a minimum DBH of 27 inches;


A tree removal permit is not required to remove a tree causing imminent threat to people, property or public health, safety and welfare or under emergency conditions; however, notify the city after the fact. 24.6. A tree removal permit is required for the removal of a dead, unhealthy or invasive tree, and A permit is needed for any tree dead or alive 6″ and bigger

Canopy Coverage Requirements:

Depending on size of lot a canopy coverage must be met or replanting will he required. The average lot in Milton will require a 60% canopy coverage.

Fee:  Dead, diseased or dying will not require a fee. Alive trees will be a fee of $25 per tree to a maximum cost of $150. Trees under 6″ will require a notification of removal with no cost.


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