Dec 07, 2013
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The big news at 404-CUT-TREE this week is the arrival of our new grinder.  After seven years of processing tree trimming, we have received delivery of our third processing machine.  The latest grinder is a Rotochopper EC-256 horizontal electric grinder.  This machine is a substantial improvement over our present system.  We’ve been producing around 25,000 cubic yards per year of dyed, re-sized wood chips, at a rate of 30 cubic yards per hour.  The new grinder does the same job at a rate of 150 yds per hour.  It also cuts the manufacturing steps in half, resulting in not just a capacity improvement, but a process improvement as well.  And if that weren’t enough, we believe there will be a big quality improvement as well.  So with all that, what took us so long to do it?  Well, time and money.

This grinder requires 600 amps of 3 – phase electrical power, vs. the 100 amps we now consume.  And because the new grinder weighs 33,000 lbs, we had to beef up our processing area.  In fact, it’s taken 4 weeks of steady work to prepare the site.

And it’s a lot more expensive.  This week a 70 ton crane lifted the new grinder off the tractor-trailer which brought our new machine in from Minnesota.  We have about four more week of work before we’re ready to start-up the plant early in December.