May 21, 2018

Signs You Might Need Tree Removal

The decision to remove your favorite Southern Oak or towering Pine isn’t always easy. Many times, there are decades of memories surrounding the trees on your property. Birthday parties, summer picnics and kids playing in tree houses probably run through your mind. In some cases, damaged or decaying trees can be successfully revived by a certified arborist. However, if your tree is in dire condition, ignoring the issue could result in property damage or injury to yourself or someone you love. At 404-CUT-TREE, we provide professional residential and commercial tree service in Atlanta. From soil amendments and tree risk assessments to pruning and tree removal, our team of dedicated specialists have what it takes to get the job done right. We know how difficult it can be to choose to remove your tree. Here are a few of the most common reasons why you might need to go ahead and remove your tree to avoid a dangerous situation.

Too Close to Home or Other Structures

You may have protected the tree next to your home when it was a sapling. However, after several years, it may become obvious that the tree is moving in too close. If left to continue it’s growth towards maturity, you could develop major problems. Tree roots could begin to infiltrate your foundation slab or plumbing system. Tree branches could scrape up against second story windows, sit on roof tiles or push against electrical lines. In these situations, one afternoon of heavy storms could be enough to smash through glass or break through your roof. In some situations, if the tree is still young there’s a chance it can be successfully transplanted to another location. However, it does need to be removed if you want to truly avoid any future issues.

Cavities or Decaying Wood is Present

If you find a large hollowed piece of the trunk, or notice signs of wood rot or decay, then it’s vital that you get the tree removed as soon as possible. Severe hollowing weakens the tree trunk, and invites pests into your yard. These problems could soon spread to other trees and plants, and certain pests like termites, carpenter ants and mice might also find their way into your home.

There is Storm Damage

If you recently endured severe weather and noticed damage to the tree’s trunk or limbs, tree removal might be required. In many cases, a few broken branches can be safely removed with professional trimming and pruning. However, if you have noticed signs of vertical cracks in the trunk, or it appears a heavy limb is one wind gust away from tumbling off, then leaving the tree on your property is a hazard. It’s best to remove the tree before the trunk or limbs falls on someone passing beneath its branches.

There are signs of Pests, Fungal Growth or Plant Diseases 

If you notice your tree has become infested with a plant disease, fungal growth or pests of any kind, call a professional arborist right away. In some cases, a fungicide or insecticide treatment will be enough to remove the problem, and you can nurse your tree back to health. In other circumstances, the issue has become too big to reverse and you’ll need to remove the tree before the fungi, insects or illness spreads to nearby wildlife.

The Trunk is Leaning

If your trunk has begun to lean severely to one side, it could become a problem during the next flood or storm. Your trunk may have developed it’s lean gradually over time, often due to uneven weigh distribution in the tree’s crown, deformities in root growth or improper growth during its initial stages of development. In any of these circumstances, the trunk is not balanced, making the tree vulnerable to severe damage during extreme weather. It isn’t worth the risk, make sure you get help by calling a local certified arborist for a professional tree removal as soon as possible.

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