Jan 28, 2014
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Snow Day at 404-CUT-TREE Yard

Not much tree removal or tree trimming work is going to be performed by tree services in Atlanta today and tomorrow as we’ve received about two inches of snow so far, and temperatures are not expected to rise above freezing for around 24 hours.  Many are wondering about the effects of ice on their tree branches.  Generally significant ice damage is not expected until at least a half inch thick layer of ice is sustained on tree branches for a day.  In that event, major damage can occur with branches snapping with sounds reminding you of rifle shots and sometimes millions of cubic yards of debris to clean up.  This is no exaggeration.  In the unlikely event that this storm produces a big ice event, do not go under your trees while they are coated in ice.  We in the Atlanta area have not experienced a major ice storm for about 15 years and we’re probably about 5 years overdue.  Knowing that we will have another bad ice storm sometime in the future helps us manage our trees before it happens to reduce risk.  It’s a good idea to reduce or remove tree branches over your roof — especially on trees most prone to ice damage LIKE PINES!  But hardwoods can be impacted as well.  In general, the longer the limb, the more likely that it will sustain ice (or wind) damage.