Nov 19, 2012

Are you beginning to see a new bug inside your home?  Several of these shield – shaped insects (named brown marmorated stink bugs) have been found recently in Alpharetta, in Norcross and Duluth.  And UGA is forecasting an infestation of them as they begin to move into GA.  Please see the UGA Dept. of Agriculture web site for a photo and more information,

The good news is that except for the smell, the bugs are harmless – to people that is.  And to our landscape trees.  But they may present serious challenges to GA fruit and vegetable growers.  This bug is related to the kudzu bug which arrived several years ago, munching happily and beneficially on kudzu – but unfortunately on farmers’ soybeans too.  Unlike the kudzu bug, this bug wants to come inside during the winter months.  And they’ve been known to enter in massive quantities, like over 10,000 in one home!

The key thing to remember is that they don’t smell until you crush them.  You want to vacuum these up when you see them in the home.  Then seal the bag and mail it back to China where they originated.  Just kidding about the last part.  You may need to remove and seal the bag if you see them crawling back out of the vacuum.