Oct 24, 2017

The Dangers of Tree Work and Why You Should Hire a Professional

There are many DIY projects that handy homeowners can successfully perform around the house. These kinds of tasks are often a fulfilling way to increase the value of your home while developing important and helpful skills. Tree care is often viewed similarly, or something that homeowners can take on themselves without much guidance or experience. This is unfortunately not the case. Tree removal, trimming and other important tree care tasks all have potential for catastrophic injury and even death. Something as simple as pruning can become a safety hazard if someone is performing the task near a power line. At 404-CUT-TREE, we provide premium tree care services for property owners in Atlanta, Alpharetta, Decatur, Roswell and other metro area communities. Hiring a professional arborist who has been trained and equipped to avoid injury is the best option for homeowners and business owners who want quality landscaping. We enjoy helping our local homes and businesses have healthy and vibrant trees, and want you to do the same without risking your safety.  Here are a few of the more common dangers:


Pruning, trimming and inspecting trees often requires scaling great heights. While some trees remain close to the ground, others can rise a hundred feet or more into the sky. The average pine tree for example is between 50 and 100 feet. That is an enormous distance for someone to fall if they aren’t prepared. Arborists and tree care professionals use specialized safety equipment to help prevent injury. Hard hats, climbing helmets, ascenders, descenders, climbing ropes and micropulleys are just a few examples of the safety gear that tree climbers use to avoid personal injury and death. In addition, tree care specialists are provided with extensive training to know what to do if they find themselves in a dangerous situation.


Homes are often clustered together, with little room for trees to grow away from power lines. Therefore, one major safety concern is the possibility of electrocution. If a trunk leans into a utility pole or a heavy limb falls on top of an electrical line, electrocution can be a very real consequence. Taking a proper survey of the work area is important, and individuals must take every precaution to avoid contact with electricity. Arborists are well acquainted with OSHA guidelines and work with specialized equipment to help prevent injury.

Getting Struck by Trunk or Large Limbs and Branches

Tree removal and trimming large limbs can cause safety issues for those standing nearby. Even smaller branches can injure people on the ground if they fall from a large distance. Avoiding such problems requires training, experience and technique. Tree care specialists know how to cut into tree trunks and limbs at the right angle needed to guide the direction they fall toward.

Personal Injury from Power Tools

Another common occurrence is injury caused by improper use of power tools. Chainsaws in particular are very dangerous if used by someone without appropriate training and experience. Power tools can have a strong kickback. It’s important that the person using such tools has the strength to control the device when in use.

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