Apr 12, 2013
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We in the Atlanta metro area are enjoying a dazzling display of Nature’s colors this Spring!  The Spring cycle of flowering trees and shrubs illustrates and punctuates the Atlanta Spring calendar: Bradford pear, cherries, red buds, Dogwoods, Azaleas …  And it’s a reminder to perform a seasonal Arboricultural chore — Spring trimming.  For most flowering trees and woody shrubs, the best time to perform maintenance trimming (or pruning) is in Spring after the blossoms have fallen.  The reason is that most trees put out new flower buds soon after the blossoms die and fall off.  The longer we wait to trim the tree, the more energy the tree has spent with non-essential flower production.  Arborists believe that pruning early preserves life giving energy.

The exception to this ‘rule’ is if you wish to perform major pruning on the tree — that is either pruning which involves making large cuts (6 in cuts), or making numerous medium cuts (over 1/2 in. cuts.)  In this case, it’s best to trim in winter, when the tree is dormant.  So schedule your Spring Tree Trimming Now!