Aug 03, 2018

Every year, when fall arrives, millions of frustrated homeowners take to their lawns with rakes in their hands and rolls of giant plastic bags. In a natural setting, these leaves would be left where they lie, breaking down to provide the necessary nutrients for rich soil in the springtime. However, in our modern world, those same leaves can wreak havoc on our well-manicured grass. They invite insects and rodents into our space, and if left on the ground for long they may find their way into our swimming pools, onto the roofs and windshields of our cars, and onto the property of our easily outraged neighbors. While our modern lifestyle requires the removal of fallen fall leaves, there’s no reason to fill up our local landfills with leaves packed into bags of non-biodegradable plastic. Instead, homeowners can become stewards of their property, and utilize nature’s gifts in a better way. At 404-CUT-TREE, we provide premium commercial and residential tree services in Atlanta, Decatur, Doraville, Johns Creek, Norcross, Buckhead, Brookhaven, Sandy Springs, Tucker, Roswell, Doraville, Duluth, Chamblee and other nearby metro area neighborhoods. We want our local clients to get the most benefit from their yard maintenance efforts. Here are a few tips on how you can turn those annoying fallen leaves into landscaping gold.

Use Them as Mulch When the Temperature Drops

Leaves make an excellent mulch for insulating and protecting your perennials, winter crops, vulnerable saplings, and other landscaping plants during the winter months. Rather than spending a small fortune on wood chips, you can utilize the free resources already at your disposal. Best of all, by the time the weather thaws, the leaves will have disappeared, leaving nutrient-dense soil that will maximize growth in the spring.

Create Weed Barriers for Your Garden

Homeowners with large properties or advanced gardens understand the importance of weed barriers. Whether you’re trying to tidy up your flower bed, preparing your vegetable garden for seedlings, or want a weed free area for your children’s playground, a carpet of fallen leaves can perform the same function as the barrier fabrics from your local hardware store.

Build a Wooden Compost Bin and Add the Leaves for Carbon Rich Soil in the Spring

More than likely, you’ll have  leaves leftover, even when you’ve utilized them as mulch and weed barriers. Building a compost bin will allow you to take advantage of every single leaf that falls from your trees. Rather than throwing them in the trash, rake them into your compost and layer them with green lawn clippings and vegetable scraps from the kitchen. You can purchase a large compost bin already made, or build one yourself. Either way, proper maintenance of your compost bin during the fall and winter will provide you with heaps of rich soil to use for your garden and house plants when the warmth of spring returns.

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