Jul 31, 2017

Reasons to Get a Tree Assessment

Do you have a favorite tree that has gone from thriving to barely surviving? Then get help from the arborists at 404-CUT-TREE. We provide quality tree services for home and business owners in Atlanta, Sandy Springs, Decatur, Marietta and other nearby Metro area communities. Decaying or severely damaged trees can unfortunately leave your home and loved ones vulnerable to injury. A tree assessment conducted by a professional arborist will pinpoint the source of your tree’s failing health and make you aware of potential problems that could arise because of it. While it may be tempting to ignore your tree’s issues, there’s no reason to unnecessarily undermine the safety of your property. Here are just a few of the most common reasons land owners benefit from tree risk assessments, and how you can too.

Diagnose Plant Diseases and Pest Infestations Early

If a disease or pest has harmed the health of one tree, there’s a good chance it could spread to other areas of your yard and local environment. Detecting the issue early can help you not only reverse the damage done to the tree in question, but prevent the problem from affecting other trees, shrubs and landscaping plants in your neighborhood. Pest problems such as termites can move from a tree in the yard to the wood inside a home, leaving homeowners with an enormous bill. A tree assessment will make you aware of their presence so you can eliminate the colony immediately and potentially avoid a home invasion.

Avoid Structural Damage or Personal Injury

Damaged tree limbs and hollow trunks can leave large trees extremely vulnerable. Severe weather can create further injury to the tree, causing heavy branches or even the tree itself to fall. Uprooted trees and broken canopies can destroy a roof or car instantly. The issue can become even more dangerous if a person is standing in its pathway. Thankfully, such a tragedy can be avoided by getting a thorough tree assessment at the first sign of trouble.

Awareness of Potential Plumbing or Foundation Problems

An arborist is highly trained to recognize issues with the entire tree, roots included. That means your tree assessment could highlight certain areas of concern, where uncontrolled root growth could pose problems for important property structures. Burst pipes and broken foundations are expensive renovations, and a timely tree risk assessment can alert homeowners to potential issues before they begin to cause harm.

Advice on Whether Tree Removal is Necessary

Trees play an important role in your landscaping and curb appeal. Losing a large shade tree that’s been there for decades or even centuries, can leave yards looking empty. Families often grow very attached to the trees in their yard, having created many memories beneath their branches. Though replanting is always an option, some tree varieties can take many years to reach maturity, and might not reach its full splendor before the owner moves. It’s for this reason that most owners want to avoid tree removal if possible. In some cases, a failing tree can still be saved with help from an arborist.

Is it Time to Get a Tree Assessment for Your Atlanta Area Property? Call 404-CUT-TREE

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