Jul 08, 2015
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We now have two new Certified Arborists, bringing our total to five.  Brian Hartman and Robert Naftel both met industry requirements and passed the national exam recently. They joined Heidi Rieckermann, Stuart Prince and Bob Delbridge as 404-CUT-TREE’s Certified Arborists team, providing tree service Atlanta and beyond.

All will tell you that it’s not easy to do! After acquiring three years of tree service industry experience, you are eligible to sit for a three hour exam. Brian led a study group which met for four months to prepare for it. Both passed on their first attempt – which is quite unusual. Now they will begin to understand why it’s called the practice of arboriculture.

Generally in an arborist’s first few years in the tree business, he or she is primarily involved in tree trimming and tree removal. Diagnosing and recommending treatment of tree health issues like soil problems, fungal and bacterial infections and insect infestations seems a little overwhelming initially. However, the training and exam preparation provide a good foundation to begin venturing out into identifying the causes of the problems which cause tree decline, and then into writing prescriptions for treatment. As is the case in other disciplines, experience is the best teacher. And continuing education requirements drive new arborists to attend workshops and courses to learn new treatments and prepare for new types of threats. Welcome to the arboriculture profession, Brian and Robert! 404-CUT-TREE offers reliable Alpharetta Tree Removal service and all surrounding areas.