Mar 28, 2015

When the spring weather arrives, it’s time to give your trees some special attention.

One of the best tasks you can undertake at this time of the year is tree pruning; it encourages new growth and can get rid of dead or diseased branches. It can help improve the shape of a tree and encourage healthy growth. Tree pruning and trimming should take place annually, and tree trimming is an ongoing process that needs to continue throughout the life of a tree. Pruning is one of the most important things you can do for a young tree.

Tree pruning is season- and species-specific. Flowering trees should be pruned in spring after the blossoms fall.  Among the types of trees in the Atlanta area which can benefit from pruning in spring time are cherries, dogwoods, pears and redbuds.

Pruning goals include cleaning away dead branches, reducing very long branches, and eliminating crossovers and co-dominant stems. Each branch should receive sunlight and should not touch the trunk or any other branch. Try to encourage a balanced shape. Young flowering trees should ideally be pruned in a way which allows light and air to circulate around the branches.

The best time to prune most flowering trees is in the spring, after blooms fade and before buds set for next year.

Aside from pruning flowering trees, there are other maintenance duties you should be carrying out during this time of year. This includes checking tree ties and stakes, and tightening or slackening them if necessary. If they have weakened beyond the point of repair and are no longer fit for purpose, they will need replacing.

Examine your young trees. If weeds have appeared around the base of a young tree, they should be removed. Don’t forget to mulch and fertilize.!

Do your work thoroughly and meticulously. Remember, you will reap benefits throughout the rest of the year from the effort you put in now.

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