Jun 09, 2017

The Southern Live Oak – Georgia’s State Tree

Often seen framing gorgeous Antebellum estates, the stunning Southern Live Oak is a poignant symbol of the Gulf Coast. As the official Georgia state tree, it is a lovely addition to any landscaping project and protecting both newly planted and well established Oaks is a priority for many agricultural and gardening societies across the Southern United States. Live Oaks can grow to enormous proportions, and some living Oaks have been around for over 1,000 years. Planting and nurturing a Southern Live Oak on your property is a powerful way to make a lasting impact to your local environment for many generations to enjoy. At 404-CUT-TREE, we have helped Atlanta area property owners protect, maintain and establish their Southern Live Oak trees. The arborists at 404-CUT-TREE offer our tree care services for those lucky enough to inherit mature Southern Live Oaks, or property owners who wish to plant their own.

Southern Live Oaks Are an Excellent Choice for Beautiful Landscaping

Few things are more picturesque than a Georgia property with towering Live Oaks. Their majestic branches provide shade from the southern heat. Their acorns attract colorful song birds, squirrels and other desirable wildlife. Although they are native to the more temperate GA coastal areas, they can live in the Atlanta area in protected sites.  Along the coast, Southern Live Oaks support Spanish moss in their branches, and their large limbs provide shade for shrubs and flowers that prefer to avoid direct sunlight.

Ways to Keep Your Live Oak Safe and Healthy

Regularly Water Saplings

Young, freshly planted Oak trees require frequent watering. Monitor the soil conditions and ensure that the roots are getting plenty of vital nutrients and water for optimal growth. Consider regulating water flow by installing a drip watering system, particularly if you’re planting multiple trees. Because of our location we encourage you to follow a plant healthcare regimen as specified by a certified arborist, including regular fertilization.

Schedule Seasonal Pruning Services

Mature Live Oaks are can grow to enormous proportions. It’s important to maintain the balance and health of the crown with regular pruning and trimming. Southern Live Oaks are well known for their large beautiful limbs, but when they receive damage from bad weather, plant diseases or pest problems, it can become a health hazard. If you see suspect that your Live Oak’s crown has been harmed in any way, be sure to schedule an appointment with a certified arborist right away before the issue causes more damage. Regularly removing dead or decaying branches and controlling crown growth will help keep your tree gorgeous and thriving for many decades to come.

Protect Growing Roots

Large trees require an extensive root system for stability and nutrient absorption. Southern Live Oak roots need plenty of room to spread out. When planting, be sure to speak with an experienced tree car professional to determine the correct spacing. Doing so will help avoid plumbing and foundation problems, and will ensure that your Oak won’t be competing for space with other trees, plants or man-made structures. Tree Service Alpharetta

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