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Tree Removal in Alpharetta, GA

Here at 404-CUT-TREE we take pride in offering advice and assisting customers in finding the best and safest solution to every kind of arboreal issue. From examination and diagnosis of problems to trimming, treatment, and removal, we are known for safety and excellence at every step of the process. If you make the decision to remove a tree, don’t take chances with your home and your family: our satisfaction guarantee removes the risk of using contractors, and our commitment to safe work practices minimizes the risk of heavy, complex tree removal jobs.

There are quite a few situations that call for tree removal. In some cases the tree is in a position or state that threatens homes, other buildings, or the people who live and work near it. At times, a tree may grow in such a way that its roots damage pipes, underground cables, sewer lines, or building foundations. Sometimes the tree is affecting the health of other trees and plants nearby. Sometimes, as much as we would like to save a tree, it is too damaged or infected with diseases or bugs to safely treat. In other cases, the tree is occupying a space of land that needs to be cleared in order to make room for building something new, such as a pool, a patio, or an addition to a house. Whatever the reason, 404-CUT-TREE offers safe, professional, rapid tree removal in Alpharetta and elsewhere.

Alpharetta Tree Removal

Safety is Key

It is highly inadvisable to try to remove trees yourself. Tree trimming and tree removal are hazardous tasks. In addition to the risks inherent in moving and taking apart large masses of heavy wood, tree removal frequently requires working high above the ground. The tools commonly used in tree removal, such as chainsaws, heavy power equipment, climbing gear, and ropes and tackle, are all complex pieces of equipment that require experience and attention to safety procedures in order to operate them with minimal risk.

In addition, some situations involve working near power lines, and trees and tree branches are excellent conductors of electricity. In fact, electrocution is a common cause of serious injury and even death among inexperienced people who attempt to remove trees by themselves. Our experts specialize in Alpharetta tree removal and have extensive training to safely work in close proximity to live wires.

How It Works

When you call for tree removal, what kind of equipment and techniques do we bring to your yard? The most recognizable part of our operation is our fleet of yellow trucks, a frequent sight around Alpharetta and the metro Atlanta area. We almost always bring small landscaping tractors as well, in order to speed the process and save you time and money, as well as to bring down and almost eliminate back injuries among our expert crews. Don’t worry–we equip every tractor with plywood sheets to protect your yard. We make sure that when we remove your tree, we don’t make a mess of the rest of your yard. Tree Service Decatur

Some Alpharetta tree removal jobs call for the use of cranes in order to safely and effectively remove the tree from above. In these cases it’s important to choose a tree removal service that can apply experience and judgment to choose a crane of the correct size: too large, and the unnecessary equipment will bring up the cost beyond reason–too small, and the crane may not have the weight to lift massive logs without tipping over and perhaps damaging your home. Here at 404-CUT-TREE we have excellent working relationships with experienced and competent crane operators in the Alpharetta area, so if we bring a crane to a job, we know it will be properly maintained and safe for everyone involved.

At other times, the situation does not allow us to use these types of labor-saving equipment, due to the position of the tree, nearby buildings, other trees, and sometimes ground conditions. In these cases, our expert crews use ropes, tackle, and climbing equipment to bring the tree down the old-fashioned way. We utilize safe work practice standards developed by the tree service industry and train all our personnel to use correct methods and personal protective equipment, as specified in ANSI Z133.1-2006, the American National Standard for Arboricultural Operations – Safety Requirements.

Our Services

Tree removal is one of our most important services, and we are proud to provide affordable, efficient, and reliable tree removal and tree trimming services to customers in Alpharetta and throughout the greater metro area. We offer tree trimming, evaluations of current and potential problems, a 24-hour help service for emergency situations, and advice on the care and health of your trees. We have been providing quality work and ensuring customer satisfaction since 1999, and we have experience with a wide range of complex problems. It’s always better to jump on a problem early, before the situation worsens, so take advantage of our expertise: call 404-CUT-TREE and schedule a free evaluation of your tree.

Tree Removal in Alpharetta

Reviews for Alpharetta, GA

Dave Nuckolls – Alpharetta, GA Overall Experience 5 / 5

I don’t often take the time to write reviews. Typically, you get what you pay for and it’s unremarkable. Not in this case. I just used 404-CUT-TREE for the second time to remove a very large tree from my front yard. My last experience was extremely positive, so I didn’t think twice about calling them for another job. From the time you talk to the polite person on the phone until they drive away from the completed job, every single person is professional, polite, informed and prompt. The quote was very clear and fair. When I asked for a detailed explanation of the work to be done, I was given a response that made sense and I felt the amount quoted was in-line with my personal estimation. Suggestions were also made for additional (small) work that could be done for a negligible amount and I appreciated that input. I agreed to the extra work. I very much appreciated the copy of the insurance certificate and the invitation to research past work. They are so transparent! They also are aware of city permits required and the need to get HOA approvals. They helped me avoid some heavy fines. I received updates via email and phone from the office to let me know what to expect. The guys arrived at exactly the time promised and made what could have been a difficult job look easy. But here is one of the best parts…the clean-up. Frankly, I don’t know how they are able to leave the place looking better than they found it! They grind up all of the branches, etc and even rake the yard to get any leftover parts of the tree. That part blew me away. I don’t like having to clean up after a job is completed. I have zero clean up today. I could not offer a higher recommendation for 404-CUT-TREE. When you ask someone to make a significant change to the look of your home, you don’t want any surprises. Not only did they do what they said they would do, they exceeded my expectations.