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Decatur Tree Removal

Many homeowners take great pride in the trees located on their property. For families who have lived in their house for multiple generations, there can be a lot of fond childhood memories associated with them. At 404-CUT-TREE, our team of dedicated arborists strive to provide the best tree service in the metro Atlanta area. Our Decatur tree removal team has extensive training and are well equipped to handle large and complex tree removal. We provide a variety of tree care and arborist services including:

  • Tree Removal in Decatur, Georgia
  • Tree Trimming
  • Tree Pruning
  • Tree Cutting
  • Inspections
  • And More

Do you need a Decatur tree service provider that will work hard to make sure you are fully satisfied? If so, call 404-CUT-TREE and schedule an appointment for your tree removal or tree cutting in Decatur.

Common Reasons for Scheduling Decatur Tree Removal Services

Protect Your Home and Family from Danger

A tree that is leaning, rotting, or has damaged branches can be extremely hazardous. It can also be dangerous to have branches that extend into powerlines or roots that are beginning to infiltrate underground sewage or gas pipes. If a damaged tree is in a location where it could fall on your roof, vehicle or a person, then it is important to call a professional arborist right away. The Decatur tree removal specialists at 404-CUT-TREE are qualified and well trained on tree removal techniques in dangerous locations. Please do not attempt to do your own tree trimming, tree pruning or tree removal close to power lines. Branches conduct electricity and could cause serious injury or even death.

Make Space for Construction or Home Improvement Projects

Landscaping is very important to your home’s value. Adding a pool, spa, patio or outdoor kitchen to your backyard can greatly improve your home’s equity. Often, homeowners have limited space or have a specific area in mind where their project should be constructed.

Maintain a Healthy Environment

If you have a severely damaged or dead tree left neglected in your yard, it can invite fungus, pests and diseases that may affect the healthy trees, shrubs and other plants in the surrounding area. It may be hard to let a tree go, but keeping it when there’s no possibility of revival can leave your yard and home susceptible to problems in the future. An inspection by a professional arborist will let you know if part of the tree can be salvaged with a tree cutting in Decatur. If tree trimming and tree pruning won’t get the job done, unfortunately you may have to say goodbye and schedule a tree removal in Decatur for the well-being of your home and family.

Quality Tree Service When You Need It

If you are having a problem with a tree or damaged branches, it’s important that you hire someone who can remove it quickly and professionally without harming your property or other plants. In certain situations, it’s essential that your tree removal in Decatur occurs right away. Our arborists will work efficiently and effectively during your Decatur tree service so you can have the yard that best fits your family’s needs.

Call 404-CUT-TREE for Your Next Tree Removal in Decatur, GA

Are you looking for a reliable Decatur tree service company that always strives for excellence and customer satisfaction? If so, contact the experts at 404-CUT-TREE for your next tree removal or tree cutting in Decatur, Georgia.

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Reviews for Decatur, GA

Marsha Von – Decatur, GA Overall Experience 5 / 5

We used them for the first time yesterday. They removed two dead trees and cut several branches from huge trees overhanging our house and deck. They accomplished all of it quickly, cleanly, and without damaging the beautiful sprawling hydrangea underneath. The two men were an amazing high wire act to watch as the one swung from tree to tree and the guy on the ground worked in sync with him. They appeared to have great equipment to work with and that certainly helped. They’re good.