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Dunwoody Tree Removal

We offer affordable tree Removal, tree trimming / pruning and and all other tree services in Dunwoody. For a free evaluation, for Dunwoody tree removal, contact us now at 404-288-8733.

There are many reasons people decide to have trees removed. Sometimes a tree is growing in a location that is going to be used for other purposes, such as building a home addition or a yard feature like a pool or a patio. In some cases a tree is leaning, hanging over buildings or play spaces, or causing damage to foundations, sewer lines, cables and pipes. Tree Pruning Dunwoody

Although much of our work is dedicated to saving your trees and maintaining the safety of your yard, there are times when removing a tree is the safest and most practical thing to do. This is often the case with trees that are very badly injured, infected by illnesses too far advanced to treat, or infested with parasites that threaten to spread to other trees.

Understanding Tree Removal Safety

Whatever your reasons, it is never a good idea to try to remove a tree on your own without professional experience and equipment. Tree removal involves a host of risks, from the dangers of cutting and moving large pieces of heavy wood to the location — careful tree removal frequently requires crews to work in or near high branches. Chainsaws, heavy power equipment, climbing gear, ropes and tackle all require training, experience, and ironclad safety procedures to use without injuring yourself or others.

In addition, many Dunwoody tree removals involve trees or limbs that are hazardously close to power lines. Tree branches conduct electricity, and when inexperienced people try to do their own tree removals Dunwoody and elsewhere, serious injury or death from electrocution is unfortunately not rare. At 404-CUT-TREE we use industry standard safe work practices and ensure that all our personnel are trained in safety procedures and equipment.

How We Work

The most frequently-seen parts of our operation are our yellow trucks and Volkswagen Pine Beetles, which travel throughout the Dunwoody and northern metro Atlanta area. But when you call us for Dunwoody tree service and tree removal, what else can you expect?

We’re proud of our small landscaping tractors: not only have they almost eliminated back injuries among our crews, they also speed up the process of tree removal, which saves you time and money. In order to protect your yard from tractor tracks as well as other debris, we equip every tractor with plywood sheets to travel on.

Larger equipment is also often necessary in Dunwoody tree removal jobs. When a tree needs to be removed with a crane, we call on trusted partnerships with crane operators throughout the northern metro area. If we need a crane for a job, we–and you–can have confidence that it will be properly maintained, the correct size for the job, and safe for our crews and for you.

For other jobs, we have to work the old-fashioned way. Ground conditions, the location of nearby buildings and trees, and the position of the tree itself can all make the use of labor-saving equipment unsafe or unhelpful, so our Dunwoody tree removal crews are thoroughly trained to use ropes, tackle, and climbing gear.

All our personnel are trained in ANSI Z133.1-206 (American National Standard for Arboricultural Operations – Safety Requirements) safe work practices, and use personal protective equipment, so they are prepared for any of these tree removal situations.

Dunwoody Tree Removal Services

In addition to tree removal Dunwoody, we also offer tree trimming, tree health and damage evaluations, and a 24-hour helpline for Dunwoody emergency tree removal services. Reliable, affordable, safe, efficient: we are known for these qualities throughout Dunwoody and the northern metro area, and we’re proud to have maintained our reputation for excellence and customer satisfaction since our founding in 1999.

Tree Removal in Dunwoody

Reviews for Dunwoody, GA

Tony Wilson – Dunwoody, GA Overall Experience 5 / 5

Recently had couple trees removed. 404 Cut Tree crew did a great job. Their agent communicated very well with us to schedule the tree service. They were able to remove the large tree in a day. Their price seemed fair for the work done. It’s for sure that they are one of the best tree service company in Atlanta area.

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