Apr 24, 2017

Many homeowners understand the importance of beautiful landscaping. Not only will a beautiful outdoor space improve the comfort and appeal of your home, but it will also significantly increase the value of your property. One of the best investments a homeowner can make is a gorgeous ornamental tree. While it may take a few years of maintenance and extra care, you’ll be beautifying your home for generations to enjoy. Choosing which trees to plant for your Atlanta, Georgia home can be difficult. The experienced Arborists at 404-CUT-TREE have been providing quality tree care services for residents and businesses in Atlanta, GA and the surrounding north metro area communities for many years. We have learned a lot about which varieties will flourish in Georgia weather and soil conditions. Here are a few suggestions for the ornamental tree varieties most apt to thrive in local Atlanta landscaping.


Eastern Redbuds are a beautiful addition to anyone’s landscaping, and perfect for homeowners with small to medium sized lawns. The gorgeous flowering ornamental Redbud doesn’t require a lot of space, though they can mature up to 20-30 feet tall. They also have deep roots, which help make them more resistant to wind and storm damage. You’ll enjoy the pretty pink clusters of flowers that form every year in early spring.

Ornamental Cherry

Ornamental Cherry trees come in many different shapes and sizes, and a variety of colors. From white to bright pink. These beautiful trees are fast growing and some types such as the Autumn Cherry can produce beautiful blooms more than once per year.

Saucer Magnolia

The Saucer Magnolia is different than the traditional Magnolia. It is a hybrid of two different varieties, Magnolia liliiflora and Magnolia denudate. When combined, the result is a resilient and versatile ornamental tree that’s amazing in full bloom. This deciduous tree will lose its leaves over winter, and burst into pretty pink blossoms in the spring.


With over 700 varieties to choose from, you’ll never be short of options when deciding on your next Crabapple tree. Their elegant fruit and graceful five petal flowers will delight the senses and can even be cross pollinated to assist some varieties of Apple trees to bloom.

Japanese Maple

The Japanese Maple tree is elegant and graceful. It can also be adapted to many different landscape designs. They can be weeping, cascading or even cultivated as a bonsai. Their bright red leaves do an excellent job of breaking up the green foliage from nearby trees and makes a stunning addition to anyone’s yard.  Trimming them is an art form similar to the bonsai tree art – which most homeowners can easily learn.  See our self-help video: https://cuttree404.wpengine.com/how-to-prune-a-japanese-maple-vv-12.

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