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Tree Service in Alpharetta, GA

Are you looking for Alpharetta tree removal services? Let 404-CUT-TREE serve as your source for tree care of every kind. We specialize in all kinds of Alpharetta tree services including examining and treating trees for illnesses and insects, emergency tree removal, and tree trimming to bring out the best in your yard. When you see our yellow trucks and Volkswagen Pine Beetles around town, it’s a reminder that we are here to provide a service you can trust.

Alpharetta Tree Services

We are committed to providing safe, fast, and top-quality service in Alpharetta and throughout the region. Call us when you’d like to trim dead or diseased tree limbs to allow space for healthier growth, alter the shape and position of old branches to give the rest of your yard plenty of sun and clear sightlines, or cut back branches that hang over wires, streets, or buildings–every kind of Alpharetta tree care your yard might need.

Emergency Tree Services

We provide Alpharetta emergency tree removal services for those times when it isn’t safe to wait. The Alpharetta and greater metro area is prone to severe storms during the spring and summer, and the ground is easily saturated. The combination of strong winds and heavy rains often move, tilt, and uproot trees during and after storms.

Whether your tree or one of its branches is threatening to fall or has already fallen, 404-CUT-TREE provides round-the-clock emergency tree removal Alpharetta and beyond. We do prioritize emergency work for our repeat customers, and we will do our very best to ensure safety for both our customers and our employees as we work to make your yard safe once again, no matter the emergency.

Certified Arborists Alpharetta

Here at 404-CUT-TREE we have an excellent staff of certified arborists ready to offer advice and service relating to the health of your trees and your yard, the needs of specific trees, your options for treating damaged or sick trees, and the best times for fertilizing, pruning, and treating insect infestations. Like other plants, your trees operate on a seasonal cycle of growth and change that necessitates seasonal care. This typically includes tree trimming, pruning, and semi-regular health check-ups to keep you apprised of anything that might affect the health of your yard.

Every one of our Alpharetta certified arborists makes sure to be prepared and aware of common issues that are impacting trees throughout the greater metro area, from seasonal weather conditions to illnesses and infestations appearing nearby. You can check out our “bug of the season” page to learn more about seasonal alerts and infestations in our area. We are constantly working to be the most helpful and best possible Alpharetta tree services provider.

How It Works

When you decide to call 404-CUT-TREE for Alpharetta tree services of any kind, we start with prompt home visits to examine the tree and its surroundings, discuss any questions and concerns you might have, and draw up a written plan that includes a cost estimate for the work you decide to have done on your tree. We make sure to focus first on your needs and the needs of your tree, rather than trying to sell you on any unnecessary work. Our sales arborists are arborists, not salesmen, and we are here to give you the information you need to decide how to proceed. When you see our trusty yellow Volkswagen Beetles and trucks around town, we are here to offer service you can buy.

404-CUT-TREE is ready to provide you with the best and most effective Alpharetta tree service you’ll find, whether your tree needs attention for a specific problem or just a seasonal trim and yearly examination. We are committed to practicing safety, providing top-notch quality work, and ensuring custome

Tree Service in Alpharetta

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Bill Bentley – Alpharetta, GA Overall Experience 5 / 5

We have used 404-cut-tree several times for tree removal. They have always done a good job, have the right equipment and come when they say they will. They are also insured. Important in such a dangerous business.