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Tree Service in Marietta, GA

At 404-CUT-TREE, we are expert providers of tree services to Marietta, East Cobb and beyond. We are proud to offer reliable, quick, effective tree removals, tree trimming and pruning, tree health care and treatment. Call us for every kind of tree issue, from insect infestations and illnesses such as fungal and bacterial infections to storm damage to ordinary tree trimming and assesments to keep your trees healthy and thriving!

Marietta Tree Services

We have four top-notch Marietta certified arborists who specialize in the care and treatment of tree health issues. Call us for a tree assessment and for advice on the options you have for dealing with sick or injured trees, as well as the ideal times for fertilizing, pruning, and treating illnesses and insect infestations.

Just like any other plant, trees live and grow differently across the seasons, and most require season-specific care throughout the year. Our arborists are well-trained and make sure to stay aware of what is happening with trees in our area. We make every effort to provide the best possible Marietta tree services.

Emergency Tree Services

During the spring and summer storm seasons, it is common for trees to be damaged or uprooted due to high winds, heavy rains, and sometimes lightning. At 404-CUT-TREE, we maintain a 24-hour help line for emergency tree removal in Marietta, East Cobb and throughout the northern metro area. We prioritize our repeat customers during emergency periods, and we adhere to strict safety standards in order to make sure that we and you are as safe as possible during the process of removing hazards from your yard.

Tree Services Marietta

Whether you’d like to trim a tree that’s blocking your sightlines or keeping back the sunlight, remove diseased or dying branches to give your tree a chance to thrive, or cut back branches that are encroaching on streets, sidewalks, power lines, homes, and other buildings, call us for any kind of Marietta tree service you need. We are committed to providing top-notch, prompt, and safe tree services Marietta and across the north metro Atlanta area since 1999. Tree Trimming Marietta

What to Expect

When we are called in for any sort of tree services Marietta, what should you expect to see? We’ll begin with a home visit to assess your tree and its soil and neighboring plants, discuss your concerns and questions, and put together a written plan that will describe the type of work you’d like done, including a cost estimate. Our sales arborists are arborists first. We’re not salesmen. When you see our yellow Volkswagen Pine Beetles and yellow trucks around town or coming to your yard, remember–we are here to offer a service for you to buy, not to sell you unnecessary work or services. Once you know exactly what you want and what it’s going to cost you, we will schedule a time and bring out specialized equipment and expertly trained crews which will perform exactly the scope of work you have agreed to, in order to provide the tree services Marietta you’ve requested.

Here at 404-CUT-TREE we put your needs and your tree’s needs first. We are proud to provide you with excellent service, at reasonable prices, in good time. From our founding, we have been committed to providing high quality service, practicing safety, and ensuring customer satisfaction in every area of service we offer.

Tree Service in Marietta

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Sid Newman – Marietta, GA Overall Experience 5 / 5

Professional service, fair prices. I have used their services 3 times and they have exceeded expections all 3 times. I am happy to give them my highest review.