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Dunwoody Tree Service

For expert tree services in Dunwoody, call us at 404-CUT-TREE! We are known throughout the northern metro Atlanta area for tree trimming, safe and rapid tree removals, emergency tree services, and tree health care of all kinds. Whether your tree is damaged, infected, in need of a trim, or just ready for seasonal care, 404-CUT-TREE offers you the benefit of over a decade of experience in providing Dunwoody tree service.

Tree Services Dunwoody, GA

How It Works

When we are called for any kind of tree service, we always start out with a home visit. Our arborists will examine the tree you called us to see, as well as nearby trees and other plants, soil conditions, and anything that could be affecting your tree’s health and your safety.

When we are able to provide you with a clearer picture of the situation, we’ll discuss any questions or concerns you have and work with you to develop a written service plan including a cost estimate and a breakdown of all the work you’d like done. We’re ultimately not salesmen: our sales arborists are arborists before anything else, and we are committed to always offering a service you can buy, never trying to sell you on work that you don’t want or need.

When we have settled on a plan detailing what is to be done and what it will cost, we’ll set up a schedule and bring the necessary equipment to your yard. Our expert crews will provide the work you’ve requested as safe and efficient as possible. We make a point to protect the rest of your yard from any equipment and debris that are involved in your tree services: we lay out plywood under any vehicles that enter your yard, and we always clean up afterwards. Our Dunwoody tree service is a service first, and we always make sure to put your needs first.

Certified Arborists Dunwoody

Here at 404-CUT-TREE we maintain a staff of highly trained experts, including four Dunwoody certified arborists who are constantly updating their training and education to ensure that we provide the best and most informed tree care. We always keep up-to-date on the state of trees in our part of the country, including the movement of threats like insects and tree illnesses–and the treatments for these ailments.

Like all plants, especially those in close proximity to people, trees have season-specific needs over the course of the year. Call us for expert advice on the best trimming, fertilizing, and treatment times for different types of trees, as well as on-the-spot assessments of your trees and advice on what to do with a tree in trouble.

Dunwoody Emergency Tree Services

Trees in the Dunwoody area are frequently damaged or uprooted by heavy rainfall, strong wind, and lightning strikes, especially during the storm season in spring and summer. 404-CUT-TREE has a 24-hour quick-response help line to provide Dunwoody emergency tree removal services and across the northern metro area. Please note that we do make repeat and regular customers a priority during times of local emergencies. We always maintain strict safety procedures and standards to ensure that you, your household, and our crews are safe while we are dismantling and moving fallen and damaged trees from your property.

We strive for excellence in our work, and safety will always remain a priority–yours, ours, your household’s, your neighbors’, and your trees’. For rapid, thorough Dunwoody tree service at fair prices, call 404-CUT-TREE. We’re proud of our 17+ years of customer satisfaction and our commitment to be the best we can be.

Tree Service in Dunwoody

Reviews for Dunwoody, GA

Gerald Helfont – Dunwoody, GA Overall Experience 5 / 5

I needed a tree removed and several huge trees pruned, saw their trucks going through the neighborhood gave them a call one of my best finds ever, these people know their business they are professional, they are quick and efficient, they are friendly and the price is right. I know who to call when I need this service again.