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Dunwoody Tree Trimming

Many homeowners wait until disaster strikes to invest in professional tree care. Be proactive by getting regularly scheduled tree trimming in Dunwoody, Georgia. Doing so will ensure that your property’s trees are well maintained and healthy, and will help prevent weak branches from falling on your home or loved ones during a storm. The Dunwoody tree trimming team at 404-CUT-TREE wants to keep our local communities beautiful and safe. Proper tree pruning will help keep your yard attractive and improve the curb appeal of your home. If you need Dunwoody tree pruning or tree trimming services, call the experts at 404-CUT-TREE. Our professional arborists and tree trimming specialists will work hard to make sure your trees remain healthy and safe to enjoy for years to come. Call today to schedule an appointment for your next tree pruning in Dunwoody, GA.

Tree Trimming in Dunwoody

Why Should You Invest in Tree Trimming or Tree Pruning Services?

There are many reasons why people invest in Dunwoody tree pruning services. Some homeowners prefer that their ornamental trees grow in a specific shape. Pruning can also keep tree branches from growing near dangerous power lines or getting too close to your roof. Regular trimming will keep your trees healthy and give them more room to grow. Here’s a few examples of times when tree trimming in Dunwoody may be appropriate:

  • Misshaped Tree
  • Branches Close to or Over House
  • Crossover Branches
  • Dense Crown
  • Dead or Diseased Branches
  • Tree Leaning Severely Toward House
  • Branches or Trees Blocking View
  • Co-Dominant Stems
  • Closely Spaced Trees
  • Storm or Wind Damage
  • Heavy Weight at the End of a Branch

What Seasons Are Best for Tree Trimming or Tree Pruning in Dunwoody, GA?

While it’s important to maintain the health of your tree all year long, there are certain times of the year when tree pruning in Dunwoody is most encouraged. The Spring is a great time to trim flowering trees, when the blossoms have fallen from their branches. Summertime usually requires only small amounts of pruning, but it is a good idea to inspect for dead branches that need to be cut away. The Fall season may give you more freedom for trimming while avoiding the heat, but it’s best to avoid heavy pruning. For many varieties of trees, the Winter is the best time for pruning. Trees and pests are often dormant in cold temperatures. Investing in a professional Winter tree trimming service will promote stronger growth in the Spring.

Hire Trained Professionals for Your Dunwoody Tree Trimming and Tree Care Services

While small cuts can be made by experienced homeowners, it’s best to leave the heavy pruning to professionals. Tree trimming can be dangerous under certain conditions such as when working from high levels or near electrical lines. Our arborists and tree trimming technicians are highly trained and have years of experience working with trees. The team at 404-CUT-TREE has all the tools and talent needed to properly asses the overall health of your trees.

Call 404-CUT-TREE to Schedule Your Next Tree Trimming in Dunwoody, Georgia

Are you ready to invest in the beauty and health of your property’s trees? Our friendly staff are ready to answer all your questions and can help you schedule a Dunwoody tree pruning appointment with one of our quality Dunwoody tree trimming professionals.

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Ms. M – Dunwoody, GA Overall Experience 5 / 5

Our community has used 404-Cut-Tree on two occasions now & their service is top notch ! We couldn’t be happier with their work, professionalism & reasonable quotes. Jordan is a joy to work with & promptly addresses any questions or concerns you may have. The employees were very organized & cleaned up after their work to our satisfaction. We highly recommend 404-Cuttree for any job, big or small ! !