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Tree Trimming Marietta, GA

Tree trimming is a necessity at one time or another for every tree that grows in an inhabited area rather than growing wild. As well as prolonging the healthy life of the tree and preventing it from growing in ways that pose a hazard to nearby people and buildings, there are a host of health issues and other problems that regular pruning, trimming away dead or unhealthy limbs, and deliberately shaping the tree can prevent or remedy. No matter what type of work your tree needs, 404-CUT-TREE provides expert advice, competent personnel and safe, reliable Marietta tree trimming in East Cobb and much of the northern Metro Atlanta area.

Trimming By the Season

Trees, like other growing plants, grow and change over the course of a year and behave differently according to the season. The time of year is a major factor in when a tree can be safely trimmed or given other types of treatment. By and large, summer is not the best time for tree trimming, but it is OK to trim dead branches. As well as pruning dead wood, small cuts to live limbs are OK to trim during the rest of the year. Winter is the best time for the majority of trims, especially when more serious trimming involving large cuts is necessary.  (Dormant trees and dormant insects which prey upon them.)

However, different varieties of trees do have different seasonal cycles and thus different trimming times. Flowering trees should generally be trimmed shortly after their blossoms fall in the spring; pine trees should be trimmed in the winter, since not only the pine tree but also pine beetles are dormant at this time of year.

Tree Pruning in Marietta

Different Problems and Goals

In addition to seasonal pruning, tree trimming in Marietta can be used to slow or halt the spread of diseases and decay by removing the infected limbs before anything can spread to the rest of the tree–or other trees in the yard. Some types of insect infestations can also be controlled by trimming, often in combination with another treatment.

Weather damage can frequently be avoided through careful shaping of the tree, and in case of existing damage from high winds (generally during spring and summer storms), trimming away damaged branches before they can damage the rest of the tree can often save the tree entirely.

Tree trimming can also be used to encourage healthy growth by correcting or ameliorating structural issues with a tree. Co-dominant stems, dangerously heavy branches, crossing branches, dense crowns, leaning, and other types of misshapen growth can be corrected, as can human-tree interaction problems, like branches that block the sunlight, cut off sightlines, or grow in ways that threaten living spaces, homes, and other buildings.

Safety and Regulations

In addition to complying with all local ordinances affecting Marietta tree trimming, 404-CUT-TREE complies with the American National Standards Institute’s national tree trimming regulations, ANSI A300. This is a set of standards that describe the pruning methods known to be safest for people and for trees. Many of these standards emphasize the need to make small cuts and trim trees more frequently, instead of making large cuts and removing more mass on an irregular or infrequent basis. ANSI also lays out how much and where the best cuts should be made. They also include more specific rules–for example, they do not allow tree trimmers to use climbing spikes to scale trees, since these devices are now known to present a health risk by opening many small wounds in the tree and often introducing infections. All 404-CUT-TREE Marietta tree trimming and tree service experts are well-versed in the relevant regulations, both ANSI and local.

Why Call a Professional?

Although a good portion of yard care is easy to do yourself, tree trimming is definitely not a DIY project. Unless you are only removing very small amounts of material, such as tiny branches that a pair of pruning shears can take care of, tree trimming requires expert use of heavy equipment like chainsaws. Trying to use less powerful or smaller tools on larger branches can seriously damage an already-stressed tree, and it places you at risk of accidents and serious injuries.

Marietta tree trimming also frequently occurs high above the ground, necessitating safety equipment and careful training to take apart and move large masses of heavy wood in midair. In some situations, tree trimming takes place near power lines, particularly when the point of the trim is to rein in growth that hangs over or comes close to power lines–and electrocution is among the most common causes of injuries and death when inexperienced people try to take care of this tree trimming by themselves.

Our professional climbers are extensively trained in safely operating machinery, working with climbing equipment, and judging the job and choosing the best techniques and tools. They are always equipped with personal protective equipment to prevent serious injuries and decrease the risk of accidents. Call 404-CUT-TREE for Marietta tree trimming that’s safe for your tree, your yard, your trimmers, and your family.