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Tree Trimming in Roswell, GA

Wherever there are trees growing around people and buildings, there is a need for tree trimming. Not only does trimming (or pruning) help to keep trees from growing in ways that threaten structures and people, regular trimming prolongs the tree life. Here at 404-CUT-TREE, we provide experienced tree trimming crews, expert advice, and high-quality, safe Roswell tree trimming.

Purposes and Problems

Tree trimming, Roswell and throughout the northern metro Atlanta area, is often the best way to slow or stop the spread of decay and disease through or between trees. Many treatments for insect infestations and other illnesses include trimming the infected limbs.

Tree trimming is frequently used to encourage healthy growth by altering the shape and improving the structure of a tree. Crossed branches, dense crowns, overly heavy branches, co-dominant stems, leaning, and many other unhealthy growth patterns can be repaired and improved.  Issues where tree growth conflicts with human needs, such as limbs that cut off sightlines, block sunlight, or threaten buildings and living areas, can also be corrected.

Weather damage is often avoidable by shaping trees to minimize the danger of high winds and heavy rain. Trees that have been damaged by storms or lightning strikes can frequently be saved by experienced Roswell tree trimming.

Tree Pruning in Roswell, GA

Seasonal Trimming Times

It is important to time Roswell tree trimming according to the most appropriate season to trim that species, without harming the tree. Any trimming involving large cuts is best done in the winter; pine trees in particular should be trimmed then, since most of their parasites as well as the trees themselves are dormant. Flowering trees should be trimmed in the spring soon after their blossoms fall. Summer trims should be avoided, unless the trim is only to remove dead branches.

Regulations and Standards

404-CUT-TREE complies with all local ordinances pertaining to tree trimming Roswell, as well as the national tree trimming specification of the American National Standards Institute, ANSI A300. This is a national standard describing the trimming methods known to be safest for trees, particularly small cuts applied frequently rather than trimming trees rarely and removing large amounts of wood with large cuts. ANSI also describes the location and type of the best and safest cuts, as well as specific rules such as the ban on climbing spikes.  Spikes are climbing devices, which open many small wounds in the tree and frequently introduce infections; they are a serious health risk for trees. Every Roswell tree trimming crew member at 404-CUT-TREE is well-trained and aware of the relevant ANSI and local regulations.

How Hard Is Tree Trimming, Really?

Can you safely trim your trees yourself? Unless you only need to remove small limbs, narrow enough that pruning shears easily remove them, it is not a good idea to take on tree trimming as a Do It Yourself (DIY) project. For smaller trimming projects, we created a 3 minute YouTube video, Click to watch.  Although it specifically targets Japanese maple tree owners, it educates the homeowner on general pruning tips relevant to most pruning jobs.  Most tree trimming Roswell requires expert use of heavy equipment like chainsaws, and is best done by trained professionals.

Many trims also occur high above the ground and involve complex safety equipment and training to disassemble and remove large masses of wood in midair. Trimming often takes place close to power lines, since it is often used to cut back limbs that are growing over power lines. Electrocution is one of the most common causes of serious injury and death among inexperienced people trying to trim their trees.

Our tree trimming Roswell crews are well-trained in choosing the right tools and techniques for a job, operating machinery safely, and using climbing equipment. Every crew member is equipped with personal protection equipment to minimize hazards, prevent accidents, and protect against serious injuries. When you call 404-CUT-TREE for tree trimming Roswell and beyond, you can be sure that the job will be safe–for you, the crew, and your tree.

Reviews for Roswell, GA

Tony Dix – Roswell, GA Overall Experience 5 / 5

This is the 3rd time that I have hired 404 CUT TREE to remove trees from my house. Their quotes were competitive each time. Once the work was done, I can’t imagine getting a better value. Their arborist, and their workers, were on time, polite & professional; the work was completed safely, quickly, & completely, and the area was cleaned and showed no signs of damage. I had a dead tree that had partially fallen and perched in another tree; a hornet’s nest in different tree about 15′ to 20′ above the driveway, and numerous limbs trimmed that were close the house. Perfect service!