Feb 12, 2018

Trees Take Time in Growth and Care

As famed journalist Malcolm Gladwell once said, it takes at least 10,000 hours to become truly skilled at any task. TA tree takes a similarly long time to reach its potential, whether it is growing from a tiny seedling to a mature Redwood in the heart of the forest, or an apple tree preparing to produce its first delicious fruit after years of cultivation. Arborists, likewise, must diligently pursue their chosen career through years’ worth of effort and learning. At 404-CUT-TREE, our certified arborists and tree care specialists have been nurturing their skills and talents with the same level of persistence and poise as the trees that have become our collected works of art. Unfortunately, in a noisy age where everyone is rushing forward at a pace that far exceeds that of our gardens’ growth, it isn’t always easy to make the right choices for our trees. While this approach to life may be efficient for many tasks, here’s why we think it’s important to take the controlled and calm path when it comes to restoring the health and vitality of your trees, shrubs, and plants.

Patience is Key to Lasting Tree Maintenance

Some home owners and tree service providers see the task of tree maintenance as a series of chores that need to be completed as soon as possible, but our experts understand the need to match the rhythm of the trees we’re working with. It took many seasons for your tree to grow from sapling to a fully mature Southern Oak or flowering Cherry Blossom Tree, and we understand that sometimes damage can take just as long to repair. Whether your tree has been harmed by an invading insect or fungal species, has suffered from years of malnutrition, or been damaged by a recent storm, it may take time for your tree to become restored to its youthful vigor.

Many Tree Care Tasks Require A Strong Vision for the Future

Sometimes severely damaged trees must be reshaped through a significant amount of pruning and trimming. Soil amendments may take a few seasons to provide the right amount of nutrients for a hungry tree  to resume producing the lush leaves and beautiful flowers that it had in its youth. Caring for trees sometimes takes a keen eye and a willingness to see a tree’s potential, despite its current state of health.

Our Experienced Arborists Understand the Need for Taking the Proper Approach

The certified arborists at 404-CUT-TREE have dedicated their careers to the cultivation of one of nature’s most majestic creations. While some landscaping and tree care professionals may suggest services that are better for their bank accounts than their clients, our experts always do what’s best for your trees. Our integrity, reputation, and duty to protect the trees of the Atlanta, Georgia area always comes first. If there’s something we can do to save your favorite Magnolia or Japanese Maple, we’ll put our expertise and tools to work to make sure you have the yard of your dreams.

Are You Looking for a Certified Arborist in Atlanta, Georgia? Call 404-CUT-TREE

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