Dec 31, 2014

Our Atlanta area tree service operates under two primary values: First, ‘we want to be the tree company you refer to your mother,’ and ‘we try to pursue a Win-Win-Win agreement in every transaction.’  That is, a win for the customer, a win for the company and a win for the employee.

We actually have numerous customers who routinely refer us to their elderly mothers.  And we know that frequently our tree removal estimate is the only one obtained.  God forbid that we inadvertently or deliberately take advantage of anyone, especially someone’s elderly, trusting mother!  And isn’t it a truism that even the most hard-hearted scoundrel has a tender heart towards his mother?  So we established a value which everyone can relate to.  As we grow, we try to hire only people who share our values.

Rather than prepare a long list of rules governing behaviors, we’d rather hire people who can think for themselves, and instead, we provide some guidelines which keep their decisions aligned with our values.  So if you’re an arborist trying to decide how to deal with a disappointed tree trimming customer, find a solution which benefits all the parties: the client, the company and you – then do it.  If you have a tree equipment vendor who misinterprets our intent and submits a much different bill than what we were expecting, without compromising the integrity of our purchasing process, try to come up with a way to use the ‘widget’ in some other way.  Keep working at it until you arrive at win-win-win.  It works.

We believe that this perspective builds trust – trust with customers, trust with employees, and trust with vendors.