Jan 28, 2017

Our commitment to excellence means that we pay attention to the details, like cleaning up your yard after a tree removal and making sure that waste material is not left lying around. But what happens to that waste, along with the masses of wood from removed trees and tree trimming? It doesn’t go to waste: we reuse and recycle it for biofuel, logs, and mulch.

Larger masses of wood, particularly in whole-tree removals, can be sorted and sold as logs. We are a large urban timber generator, and we haul these usable portions of wood away whole when we finish a tree removal. Smaller pieces of waste material go to wood chippers on site. We transport these woodchips from your job to our sister company Wholesale Wood Products in Norcross. There, the chips are milled and processed to produce several useful products. A large minority of our waste material is processed as biofuel and sold to local steam and electric plants. We also make and sell organic mulch wholesale. This incluldes double ground mulch and black or chocolate brown mulch, colored using environmentally friendly dyes, for landscapers and homeowners throughout the northern metro Atlanta area.

In addition to providing a use for waste wood, mulch is a highly useful end product. It protects the soil from erosion and improves soil quality over time. It helps retain ground moisture for shrubs and trees, which is especially important during periods of drought. Unlike pine straw, it is naturally fire-resistant, so opting for mulch reduces the risk of parking lot fires that start and spread through landscaped islands piled with dry pine straw. Mulch also provides an environment for beneficial insects and fungi, such as mycorrhiza colonies. It is more than a simple physical protective layer: it functions much like the layer of organic matter that covers a forest floor, which makes it the ideal ground surface for promoting tree health. As long as it is occasionally turned over to keep mold and fungus growth under the surface, and as long as it is kept about six inches away from the house and the base of tree trunks, mulch is a great benefit to your trees and yard.

Since we provide the raw materials as well as manufacture the finished mulch, we are able to provide high-grade organic mulch throughout the northern Atlanta area at low prices. That means savings for you, less waste, and better quality.

For more information about our product, tips and guidelines for better mulching, and a handy mulch calculator, explore the mulch tab at the top right of our website.