Dec 11, 2017

Why Prune Crapes in Winter?

Many homeowners love the way their Atlanta, Georgia Crape Myrtles bloom in the spring and summer, but cringe at their boring bare branches during the colder months. There’s no need to sulk. Take advantage of the winter season by pruning your Crapes. Doing so will ensure they reach their peak when the sunshine returns in the spring. At 404-CUT-TREE, we help property owners in Atlanta, Alpharetta, Decatur, Dunwoody, and other metro area communities have healthy and vibrant trees. We want to help you have the most gorgeous Crape Myrtles on the block. Here are just a few of the many reasons why winter pruning is the best way to improve your Crape Myrtles.

Visibility is at its Peak

One of the best reasons to prune during the winter months is that Crape Myrtles already have bare branches. It can be difficult to prune and trim trees when they are covered with a full crown of leaves. During the colder months, you can see into the depths of the tree’s structure, so it is easy to find the perfect place to make your cuts for optimal growth in the spring.

Less Shock to the Tree

Like many trees, Crape Myrtles are dormant throughout the colder months in most climates. Therefore, heavy pruning can be performed during this time without sending the tree into major shock. Over-pruning is a common mistake for owners of Crapes. Remember that it is essential to the health and wellbeing of the trees that you remain patient and wait for the right time.

Ensures Proper Blooming in the Spring

If you prune too early, there’s a chance that new seed pods will form in sunnier weather, but freeze when the first frosts of winter arrive. This can throw of the tree’s cycle of growth and compromise its health. It’s better to wait until the tree has lost its leaves, and it is best to prune during the mid to late winter months so you get the best blooming buds when the weather warms up.

Avoid “Crape Murder” by Hiring a Professional Pruning Expert

Many well-meaning home owners and landscapers unwittingly commit what’s known as “Crape Murder” every year when they prune their trees into stubbed knuckles. In fact, it’s such a common sight that people think of this image when they begin to trim their own trees. While there are some situations when severe pruning is needed to correct storm damage or improper trimming from previous seasons, most of the time over-pruning is harmful to the tree’s health and development. If you want large, proliferating flowers and branches that are strong enough to support them, it’s important to use proper techniques. When you hire a professional arborist or tree pruning expert, you’ll never have to worry about “Crape Murder” again.

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